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Connected Souls, poem by Andrea Johnson

~Connected souls- poem by Andrea Johnson~

The soul cannot live within a trapped mind. And the heart cannot speak within a body that has given over to the world, and its serenade of lies.

The truth cannot be defined by an illusion.

This is why there is a concentrated effort to control the narrated confusion.

And take hold of any possible need that you may find a reason. To look beyond the artificial distortion that has been feeding your mental constitution.

As the soul touches with an elevated mind, there is a cosmic vibration in which the elements form and align. The significant power and freedom surrounds the cerebral, and touches the divine. It is considered an awakening, therefore the most feared within the public eye.

The soul travels as the mind allows. It is designed to eradicate what happened before, and regenerate the beauty which speaks now.

So the touch of an awakened one, gives meaning to the very existence that correlates to life. The beginning and the end, the intertwining of paradise.

The connection is beyond anything this world can imagine.

Because awakened and touched souls are the fabric that give credence, to the undisclosed narrative.



Copyright ©️ Andrea Johnson


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