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Letter from a Black Man

Letter From A Black Man


I'm Writing This Letter, With A Heavy Heart. Honestly Speaking I Don't Know Where To Start. Should I Talk About My Ancestors, Being Kidnapped From Their Mother Land? Or Should I Speak On How They Became Slaves, Murdered By The Klu, Klux, Klan. Or Maybe I Should Talk About My Brother, Who Protest About Some Caucasians In Blue. No Matter What I Talk About, Only My Anger Makes The News. I Speak Only Of Myself, However I Believe More Would Agree. Whether We're With Limited Educated, Or Have A Masters Degree. We Are Tired, Frustrated, Damaged, And Drawn. You've Murdered Some Of Our Kings And Queens, In Our Back Yard, Or Our Front Lawn. No Matter How I've Protested Or Make A Statement. The Justice System Says That I'm Wrong, And Debates It. So I'm Stuck Here Saying How Can I Make You Understand. By Writing This Letter From A Black Man. . I've Seen Too Many Of Our Mother's Cry Over Their Children. Seen Their Child Being Murdered On Video And The Police Still Say Prove Them. Back In The Mid 80's I've Seen A Philadelphia Community Go Up In Flames. While Trying To Stop A Black Liberation Group, And Defaming Their Names. All Because They Knew The Truth And What Was Going On. You've Made Sure That They Wouldn't Grow In Numbers, United And Strong. But How Can Make You Understand. This Is A Letter From A Black Man. . Point I'm Trying To Make Is That We Are A People Of Soul. We'll Still Find A Way To Move Forward, No Matter Who Has Us On Hold. We Are A History Of Royalty In Which We're Not Told. We're The Architects Of This Country, Something That You'll Never Admit. We Are A People Who Won't Quit. You Find One Who'll Take Your Side, And Look For Your Privilege. But Once You Finish With Them They'll No Longer Have A Village. They Will Be The Outcast Known For Their Betrayal. Because When We Needed Them, They Didn't Come To Help, They've Bailed. But I Do Know That Not All Caucasians Are Bad, In Fact I Call Them My Sister Or Brother. We Respect Love And Enjoy One Another. They Too Are Outraged As Well. Writing To You In Leadership, Stop Giving Us People Of Color Hell. They Understand That We're Human And Black Lives Matter. Pushing For Justice And Spreading Awareness, Having Senators And Congress Chatter. Don't Know If It'll Reach The Masses. But We'll Continue To Press Till A Legislation Passes. .

We Love A Country That Don't Love Us Back. Love Our Culture But Not The Lives Of People Who Are Black. But It's OK We Will Rise Above It All. We Will Have Our Own Towns And Communities, Yes We Are Starting Small. Slowly But Surely We Will Have Justice The Right Way. And There Will Be Nothing You Can Say. We Are No Longer Here For Your Display. You'll Want To Come To Our Homes Unified And Pray. Then That's When You'll Understand. This Letter From A Black Man. - Minister Dwayne J. Torres

Copyright Dwayne J. Torres

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