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Dear Queen - poem by Andrea Johnson

Dear Queen,

I read your letter. I know you're busy, but take a moment and understand while I gather myself together.

I see everything you do, I watch everything you say. I may be silent, but my actions will reflect all that I intend to give you someday.

No, it is not fear that makes me feel this way. Your strength and fortitude only enhances my reason to show you I am here to stay.

Dear Queen, I've seen your tears. The way you try and hide them never works on me. I am immune to your fears. Your silent struggle draws me closer, your perseverance makes me stronger. Your endurance is like no other, and the way she never gives up...makes me want her.

Dear Queen, I heard your whisper. How many times you prayed and wondered if I can weather. The storms that rage against you, and tear at your powerful soul. Wondering if I am here, or if you are truly alone.

Now I need you to listen to me. To understand the language that my spirit speaks. How I pray for you when you are asleep. How my soul bleeds when I feel you weep. I carry you within my rib, and draw you nearer like a shepherd protecting his sheep. And when you think you are alone, I am the King God is preparing you to accept and meet.

Dear Queen, I hope you receive this message I composed together.

I want you to know, yes, I read your letter.

Copyright @ Andrea Johnson

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