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There's nothing like a good book to curl up to at night, or even during the day when you're alone. The imagination is a wonderful place, and I truly enjoy building characters that light up the page.  I hate the mundane, and get bored quickly from the usual, so you will find none of that here. As you journey into an adventure of paranormal romances, immortal beings, or get caught up in a war between heaven and hell, I am certain that you will find something here to keep your nights...interesting. Enjoy.

Fatal Distractions

Fatal Distractions.jpg
The revamped and chilling stories from the critically acclaimed mini-series: Bedtime Mysteries

For the first time, all three chilling stories from the critically acclaimed mini-series: Bedtime Mysteries, by Andrea Johnson, are brought together in one creatively mastered e-book. Experience each dark tale, and the psychological terror that unfolds, within the mystery of the unforgettable series….


The Malignia…Parallel Reflections…Instinctive Manipulations…within each mysterious tale is a darkness that must be uncovered. What may appear to be one way, may very well be an illusion. There are pieces to the puzzle that must be placed. But not every key will ultimately unlock the door. Get ready for psychological terror. But beware the choices you make. There are many…fatal distractions.

Experience the darkest journey, within the stories of Bedtime Mysteries.

The Gates Keeper- Andrea Johnson
The Gates Keeper

Cassandra Martin is a conduit for lust and desire. She uses her beauty to draw in men to a place that no one will ever know exists. She is a woman in a long line of mistresses who have held a special key to a gate that no man can ever leave from. Her job, as so many others before her, is to make sure they never do.

Cassandra is the last surviving heir to a key that locks men with dark souls, within a hidden prison of torture deep beneath the earth’s core. She has always served her purpose well, using seduction and a man’s weakness against him. She has never failed.

Until Drago Brown.

Drago, an escaped convict is not certain of Cassandra’s agenda, when he first meets the incredibly beautiful seductress, and she offers him what no man would normally refuse. However, his instincts warn him to move cautiously, and discover the hidden secrets and darkness he suspects lies beneath her innocent countenance.  But his own battle within himself, and the decision to destroy or save the woman he doesn’t want to love, may be his own downfall.   



Angela Williams has a secret...... 

Strong, independent, and extremely focused on her career as a reporter, Angela was not known to slow down. But she wanted to make her family happy. Her husband Jeff and their two teenage kids, Brittany and Karl, were used to living in an unstable atmosphere. Between her demanding job and the constant traveling, she was almost never home. So when her husband suggested the move, Angela went against everything that she'd trained herself to never allow, or ever permit to fall into place. She lowered her guard. 

In Oakwood Village, her secret will touch an evil that will give new meaning to the word family. 

It is the perfect town. A community of people so close knit, everyone is considered family. Literally. In Oakwood, the people share more than just blood. 

Angela cannot explain her uneasy feelings about her new home, or why everyone else seems to fit in except her. But when tragedy strikes, and bodies begin piling up in the morgue, she realizes that Oakwood itself holds an unthinkable secret. A hidden knowledge that will force her to come face to face with what she has kept buried within herself. 

But unfortunately, she may be too late to protect her children from a people with an unusual bloodthirsty need for the young......



Three women. One man. Her mask. 

Detective Drake has never seen anything like it. A killer that cannot be seen. A masked murderer and mastermind who is always one step ahead. As the trail of bodies begin to grow he will need to put the pieces of the puzzle together quickly, for someone has a thirst for blood. And because of one person's fatal mistake, no one will ever be safe again.



In a world of darkness, a place billions of light years from earth, there is a planet called: Vantanka. Here on this distant plane of life are people that exist much like me and you. However, some may appear to have special qualities, and there is one very distinct difference that separates them from earth. Their world is surrounded by a thick blanket of darkness.



A couple vacationing on a remote island have been offered the chance of a lifetime. But not all things are as they appear to be. When Stephanie and Alex are given the opportunity to have a baby, after having already miscarried and lost their child, they jumped at the chance to be a family. But the price they will pay is nothing compared to the blood that will be required.



David Easton has a problem. 

Ever since his wife died in a tragic accident, he hasn't been able to let go of the pain. After years have passed, he's finally begun to heal with the help of his new wife and daughter, and begin to put the pieces back together again. But when David has a sudden relapse, he decides the best way to tell his family about the pain of his past, is by showing them a 
re-enactment of his darkest memories...for real.

His Nuclear Requiem


He is a family man and friend. A man that can be depended on. But he’s dying inside.  Slowly each year. The cost to live and exist weighs on him with each waking moment. But no one knows the secret that he hides so well. Even from his family. Damien Jones only has a certain amount of time to live before the radioactive heart inside of him explodes, causing a nuclear reaction that could be the end of everything on the face of the earth.

A horrible experiment in his youth that had gone terribly wrong, he has spent most of his adult life secretly looking for the cure. A way to stop the time bomb from beating inside his chest. Trying to live a normal life, he knows there is only one way to destroy what’s inside him. He has to find the girl. The unusual young woman who was responsible for his accident.  However, after twenty years of searching, Damien suddenly discovered more than he realized about the thing slowly ticking away inside of him. He will need to become everything he has always shunned. In order for Damien to protect the world…It will take one very special woman who will need to save him first.

The King of Credence
ISBN: 13: 978-1976597718 

His purpose is to find his people....


His name is Adofo. A man that stands apart from any other to have graced the earth. You will not find his likeness, or even his DNA. And there is one very unusual explanation for that.


Adofo lives in a time of earth's future. A time when the planet is faced with extinction, and the only thing that saves it, is his wisdom. He is made king of a new world, and leads his citizens into prosperity.


However, when a vengeful enemy from a nearby planet releases a toxic gas into the air, it has the ability to send the king and all his people back of hundreds of years into the past. Back to the 21st century.


With his people scattered all over, king Adofo must fight through a world of hate and dissension. He must get his people to remember who he is, in order to bring them all home.

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Voices of Tear Drops 

To some individuals, the presence of life holds more than just the meaning of existing. Or living to perform a particular purpose that reality dictates you must adhere to.

In this heart wrenching tale, a young man tells the story of his life, and the darkness that eventually consumes him. His struggle with abuse and violence, and the intervention that saved his life, but also inevitably destroyed it.

In his journey towards discovering the true meaning  of right and wrong, and life and death, he will find within a world of ideology, that there are no answers worth listening to…unless the voice you hear is your own.

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