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The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy

Introducing:  The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy,  Andrea Johnson's paranormal romance of the century. Three books that will take you into a world of sensuality and adventure, mystery and hidden legacies. A place where you will discover that the fairytale is in fact...very real.

Remember the Promise
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For thousands of years the kingdom of heaven and the land of the Fae has hidden the truth behind tales of make believe and fantasy. A dark tale of a forbidden love that must never be spoken of.  But in doing so, a curse was sent forth that has been unbreakable for even the strongest of souls.  Until now, as fate finds three special women who will be the beginning of a new era of hope. And these three shall be called: The curse breakers.


Deborah Lawson refuses to give up.  At twenty-nine years old, she’s turned down every prominent career that’s come her way. Living with friends, they all feel that she just doesn’t know what she wants.  But Deborah believes that there is more to her life, something that can’t be explained. Feeling the pressure, she searches out a local psychic for help.  However, what she discovers there will change her life forever.

Bishop Montgomery is a six foot four muscled lady’s magnet. Working as a night club bouncer, he uses the job to help keep him on his toes. But most of all, so he can watch. No one knows that Bishop is a telepath, and he likes to keep it that way. But in the past few months he’s had visions of a woman and darkness that seems to draw him in. Needing answers, Bishop takes on some odd jobs as a psychic.  The moment Deborah Lawson walked into his room, he knew she was the woman he had to save.

When Bishop tells Deborah she is the answer to an ancient curse on her bloodline, and a descendent of a forgotten immortal heritage, she fears what lies beneath the darkness, and of giving her heart completely. But if Deborah and Bishop cannot learn to trust each other, and remember a love stronger than time, an entire legacy and a promise for the future, will be forever erased by unspeakable evil.

First book in The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy
 Book Two in The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy
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Awaken the Promise

The perilous cycle continues, in the second chapter of The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy. The daughter of Deborah Lawson, and Bishop Montgomery, must now discover her place in the very thin line between the others, and the fate of mankind.

Tatiana Montgomery knows nothing of the history of which her mother and father came from. A sheltered and brilliant young woman about to graduate with a bachelor’s in behavioral science, she has no idea of the darkness that begins to surround and stalk her family. Or the fact that her parents, with their past memories having been mysteriously swiped clean, are unable to even tell her why.

Eric Johnston is a police officer, assigned on duty to patrol the San Diego California University of Phoenix, after suspicious activities and students that have gone missing. He has always been a straight shooter and refuses to believe in anything that can’t be proven in a court of law. However, everything he has ever known changes the night he meets Tatiana, and rescues her from something that can’t be explained, using abilities he never realized he possessed.


Thrown together by an unseen force, Eric and Tatiana realize they are nothing but pawns in a chess game, between a battle that has existed for centuries. And they must carefully choose the right moves and trust each other, to awaken something that will forever forge an unbreakable bond of power and love.

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          The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy
Seal the Promise
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Coming soon!
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