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Have you ever seen a commercial for a Rolls Royce? Cars like the Toyota are advertised all the time. You can turn on the television and see at any given time, multiple commercials for many cars like the Toyota being advertised, displayed, sent to you in the mail, and even telemarketing about.

But never a Rolls Royce.

The Rolls Royce is a unique vehicle. Beautiful classic car. There’s no need to advertise this specimen of luxury. Everyone knows that to have a Rolls Royce, you must have a lot more to offer than just a regular nine to five job. It’s not just about being able to afford it, you must have the lifestyle to maintain it.

Now the Toyota, anyone can get. It is a common vehicle. You can be broke, and get a few extra dollars, and still buy a Toyota. The Toyota suits many people. This is what the masses flock to.

But the Rolls Royce cannot ever be confused with any common vehicle. Or placed in those categories.

Many will not even consider such a car. It’s like a dream that people like to think about, but know will never happen. It is untouchable. Priceless. Incomparable.

But those that know the value of this unique item, know exactly how to proceed. No instructions needed. No commercials necessary. To own a vehicle like this, you must understand not only its value, but have a clear knowledge of your own.

Just like the Rolls Royce, a queen recognizes a true king. No need to advertise, or display. She will respond simply because he is a king. And a king will see the value of a true queen.

A beautiful showpiece, untouchable by any other than the one that has claimed ownership.

Value: (A poem about distinction and quality)


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