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The Bridge of Life - poem by Andrea Johnson

The turmoil that one faces can all be alleviated. The fury and emotion that lives within the soul can then be exonerated. To find peace within the mind can be appreciated. If only communication is reached, and corroborated.

Fear of losing everything you hold dear, can sometimes break the very substance of what brings you here. Pride and malice will subjugate your tears, and leave you with a question within a dark and empty atmosphere.

Pain is the suffering I feel, hidden within a hardened shell of emotion and endless steel. Wrapped around a wall of protection, to counteract that hideous entity called rejection.

Beaten down and emotionally castrated, the heart will no longer accept what was before an automatic allocation. Given in time after countless dedications, giving your soul to the point where there is no longer room for restoration.

Here I am. A giver who is metamorphosing into the unknown. Standing on the precipice, wondering if it shows. The slightest wind is all it will take. To throw away what was before the everlasting sunrise in my day.

But does it have to be that way?

The answer now hangs on the edge of a cliff, come what may. Will love let me go down, or create a bridge that will bring life back into my day?

Reach out your hand. Give me a reason to stay.

Copyright @ Andrea Johnson

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