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The Doppelganger is said to be the ghostly counterpart of a living person. An exact replica of an individual, yet very different in personality. The evil and dark side of you. But what you don't know, is that every decade a Doppelganger is released from within thousands of people instantaneously. And the original soul, if not strong enough, is taken over by the more powerful entity. With no explanation for the sudden drastic change in the people that share your world.

It is instant. It is irreversible. But if you're strong enough...stopping it is possible.

But how strong do you really think you are?...there can only be one.

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Human Scent - Book# 1
Animal Attraction
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They Exist in your homes. You've welcomed them into your hearts. And now, they want to take your place. Only the prophesied few can stand against what is coming.


For centuries the curse of the Mammalian society has been enforced.  Once beautiful angels, the penalty for interfering with human lives had been severe. Forced to live as humans in the forms of animals, the secret society has served mankind in the only way they could….as their pets, only able to take human form between the midnight hour and dawn. To break the curse, a mammalian must gain their master’s love, and upon the owner’s death the soul must be freely given. This has been their way. But now, many humans have begun to die, their souls being taken unwillingly. Unfortunately, mankind remains unaware of the rising danger of owning a cat or dog.


 Ramla is a descendant of the Amhorose.  A gifted line among Mammalian society designed to govern their law, and protect the human masters from those that would destroy them. She is rumored to someday become the most powerful feline. But her life is somehow tied to the growing evil surrounding her kind, and the deadly knowledge that her time may be running out.


Bruce, a strong young mixed breed, doesn’t know who he really is, and doesn’t care. His hate for humans and cats go hand in hand. But when he meets the beautiful sleek eyed cat Ramla, It is soon evident that their destinies are connected to forces beyond their control, and they will need to work together.

*** But someone or something is determined to stop them, and unless they can find the cause of the soul snatchers in time, their forbidden love will be the end of everything they have ever known.

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Seal the Promise - Book# 3 
The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy

The last cycle comes to a crashing conclusion, in the third book of The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy. Ealasaid, the daughter of Tatiana Montgomery, and Eric Johnston, is now the last legacy between the others, and mankind. They placed all their hopes within her. But that was their biggest mistake...

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The Malignia

A new form of generated evil. Made by mankind. Currently listed as classified. It does not exist. But what is hidden, can be uncovered. And what should never have happened, will  come back to claim what is left....

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