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Human Scent - Book# 1
Animal Attraction

They Exist in your homes. You've welcomed them into your hearts. And now, they want to take your place. Only the prophesied few can stand against what is coming.

Seal the Promise - Book# 3 
The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy

The last cycle comes to a crashing conclusion, in the third book of The Sinful Fairytale Trilogy. Ealasaid, the daughter of Tatiana Montgomery, and Eric Johnston, is now the last legacy between the others, and mankind. They placed all their hopes within her. But that was their biggest mistake...

The Malignia

A new form of generated evil. Made by mankind. Currently listed as classified. It does not exist. But what is hidden, can be uncovered. And what should never have happened, will  come back to claim what is left....

Blood of my Blood - Book# 1 
Phoebe & Amanda

There has always been a key to the gates of hell. And with it, an Angel of light for each generation, assigned to guard it with their life. A female that is born only from the line of grace. But with each Angel of light, a demon warlord is also created to subdue her. And so it has been with no success. Those with heavenly grace were always one step ahead. But when one Angel forgets who she is, and yearns for mortality, nothing will ever be the same again.


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