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When your heart has been broken so many times, something happens. An invisible line forms within the organ. Covering the inner elements and sifting its way through every crevice and rhythmic movement.

The heart is fragile, a frail piece of living metamorphosis. Something that was once used to create and sustain life, can become the very thing that unravels it. An unknown. The unsuspecting originator and cause of the invisible line.

This invisible line holds the heart captive. It will not allow the heart to breathe let alone beat. It has grown in strength, each time the heart is ripped. A small tear, a little piece of life, competing with the power of this line. It grows in strength, conquering another piece of the organ. The more it hurts, the stronger it gets. The deeper the pain, the longer the line, as it circles and entwines its victim.

This line cannot be broken with nice gestures, or even beautiful words. The invisible line recognizes weakness. It swallows it whole, and devours the weak. Adding it to its helpless list of victims that have tried and failed to break this line.

Most will never dare. Most will never attempt. Most will back down once they see the strength of this invisible deadly predator. Lying in wait for the next victim that dares to try and cross that line. It can see your weakness. It can smell your fear. Your phoniness. And it eliminates sheep dressed in wolves clothing. It will let not let you get past its defenses. It is strong. It has become undisputed in it’s record. It aims to be unstoppable in its fury. It guards the helpless dying organ that was too weak to help itself. It protects it, it slowly kills it. It has been unbreakable.

However, no matter how many lines have formed, there is always an entry point. The single point in which only one can enter. This one will know and understand. It will never announce its arrival. It will simply take over. Surprise is the best form of defense against the line.

It will be just as undefeated. It will be just as deadly. It will be even more ruthless than the line. It will control the source before any attack can be assimilated. And it will subdue the line. It must overcome the line before anything else. And only then, will it be able to touch the heart. Once it touches the heart, the line disappears. Because if it can get past the invisible line, the heart knows it has finally found the one that will hold it forever.

Trust (A poem of fierceness, brutality, and ruthlessness)


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