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Listen to me - poem by Andrea Johnson

What happens when you feel as if no one will listen, trapped between a rock and place that's no longer existing?

To feel as if you're capable of creating a simplified deposition, only to fall back within a maze of complicated misinterpretations.

Listen. My voice is buried within a multitude of sound. Screaming and warring, reaching for a plateau of higher ground. There is no meeting place for such contradiction where suffering abounds. I am the catalyst beneath the anchor of refuge which is found.


Do not underestimate my pain for your glory. Because of my strength you mistake my courage for a pre-written story. I am not an example of a casualty of a misused minority. My pain will never justify your reason to re-write history.

Listen to me. My tears have fallen but you never see. You take for granted my strength will camouflage a disguised analogy. Of the way you see me. You will never comprehend the magnitude of my testimony. Still ridiculed and shunned because of the threat I pose to society.

But you don't hear me. A silent implosion that is waiting to become what will be necessary.

Do not mistake my strength for invincibility. A crack appears on my heart each time there is no substance to withstand the durability. There is no substitute for the pain that comes when you refuse to hear me.

I have only one request. Please....

Listen to me.

Copyright @ Andrea Johnson

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