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Dear Diary...

(Dear Diary…)

I can feel the change. Smell the scent of my liberation. To finally be free from all those that have looked down on me. Watched me. Hated me. They will know why I did it. They will completely understand why they no longer have control.

I will open my mind to something that has been calling me. I’ve fought it for so long. But why should I fight for those that would sacrifice me? Lay my life down for the ones that will only replace me?

No. Now it's my turn. I will take their legacy and create a new one in my own image. I am the light. I am not the dark. But I no longer wish to be what I once represented…..

(Character depicted: Phoebe - from the book: Blood of my Blood, by Andrea Johnson. Re-release coming soon as a four part book series. Learn more by visiting Andrea's website.)

(Dear Diary gives a short description into the thoughts of the characters, from the books of Andrea Johnson. It allows us a small glimpse into their minds, and who they truly are. Dear Diary posts can be seen every Friday)

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