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I look for it as if I am lost. Entrenched in a world of darkness, it leaves me searching for the horizon. A place that can be seen, but has yet to appear before me. What can be envisioned cannot be created with a mere thought, or word. It must be designed, articulated. It has to be revealed.

I need you as if the breath has left my body and the only oxygen is your essence. I call to you in the night but you evade my cries. Always within sight, but never close enough to withhold.

Inspiration. Why do you look at me and still wait? Why is it that I can feel you around me, hovering within my flesh like a warm breeze that has controlled the frost.

I reach for you and yet cannot touch you. My desire to be all that you need has clouded my every waking thought.

Inspiration…you have taken what I am and made me more. I can no longer live without knowing you are there. If I wake with the morning sunlight, you must be the heat that touches my face. If I laugh or open my mouth to speak, then it is you who will direct my language.

I cannot live unless you are there beside me. So I ask that you look at me with grace, and favor me with your mercy.

Do not leave me alone to wander in bareness, where the darkness lives in those that do not have your light.

I sing to you with the only voice I have left. Hoping that my song will reach the horizon. If you hear it, let it play for you, let my voice earn your admiration.

If it does… then I will know. If I sing my song, it is inspiration who will compose.

Inspiration: A tapestry of love (Part 4 of: The Love Chronicles)


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