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The King

The pieces are laid out upon the board strategically. The pawns and knights surround me for my protection. But my job is quite clear. Protect the king.

I am the queen. I will protect my king at all costs. I will viciously fight and defend our kingdom. I am the threat that they all want removed. The pawns are uprooted. The knights are switched around. All designed to get to me. Because I protect the king.

If I am taken, the king is vulnerable. Because my king will be distracted. He will take his eyes from his kingdom, and he will expose his weakness to save his queen.

I cannot let that happen. So I must protect the king. I will defend his honor, and shield his faith. I will fight to protect him, because he is my strong tower. He fights for the whole kingdom. If the king is taken, the game is over, the battle is won. The kingdom is gone.

But they cannot take the king unless they get to the queen. And so the queen must be stronger, smarter, deadlier, and more cunning. I cannot allow myself to be taken. If the pawns are removed, and the knights are gone, I will fight to the death before I let you take me. Because I am the queen. The most precious piece on the board. And I must protect my king.

The king must choose wisely. Because once he crowns me as his queen, I will die before I let anyone attempt to take his throne.

(The King: A poem of love, loyalty and sacrifice.)


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