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I saw you. Knew you before you knew my name. The stimulation was only part of the breakdown of my surrender. You captivated my body, and brought me to new heights. But now, there is a new level of entry.

There are no more words, no thoughts, no pretense between us. I can be who I am within your arms. You strip me of my sanity, take away all my will and desires, and make them your own.

If I need, I ask you. If I want, I beg you. Take me where only you can. Chain me until I am trapped without bonds. Draw my body unto you. Lift me until my screams of denial are nothing but cries of release. And then rip away my layers, so I'm left with nothing but you. Spread me open and take all that is yours. You've made me your own. The sweat on my skin would not dare drip, unless you gave it command to do so.

I am the need within your grasp. My desire is the poetry you have written for your display. I need you. Crave you. But you will never need me. That is why you are my domination.

- A tapestry of love. (Part 3 of: The Love Chronicles)


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