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If you could talk to a favorite character in a book, what would you say? Just my imagination is a weekly blog that gives small glimpses into the world of Andrea Johnson’s books, and the characters that make her words come to life. Just my imagination posts can be seen every Friday, showcasing new characters and their turbulent thoughts, from questions posed by the author.

Character: Detective Nicholas Drake. Book: Her Mask

Character role: An enigma. Detective Drake is a paradox found in the book: Her Mask, A man that is not completely a man, yet it is not clear exactly what he is. His role as a detective somehow ties into the stories of other books by Andrea Johnson. He connects the characters, and becomes the common ground in which worlds will soon collide.

Question from the author: Detective Drake, you are the only one that knows the truth. The ending to each story that was written by me. How do you feel knowing what will happen to every character in my books? Even your own fate?

Detective Drake: First of all, it’s not detective anymore. I now go by special agent Nicholas Drake. (His Nuclear Requiem) And I’m going to answer that question, with another one for you, Ms. Johnson. How can you play with our lives this way? How can you write these characters, give them life, create different worlds that are somehow all the same, and then not expect some form of retaliation?

I have had to witness the most gruesome things that mankind has no idea even exists. I’ve visited a village of immortal beings, (The Embryos) and had to stand by while an innocent couple was savagely used for bait and amusement. (Behind the forest)

Now I have to hunt down a man who’s done nothing to deserve his sentence. But still, it is the price he must pay for his existence (His nuclear requiem) So to satisfy your curiosity Ms. Johnson, I don’t feel anything anymore. My own fate no longer matters. But what does matter to me, is saving each and every one of the fools you created, that are headed for destruction. Even if I have to take them all out myself.

Detective Nicholas Drake

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