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Now that you have stimulated my mind, and awakened my heart, my soul is open to your exploration. You have taken my inner spirit and waltzed with my essence. You’ve made me see the glory in your music.

Now you have me at your attention, you can’t stop what you’ve already started. Your lyrics have caressed the beauty and embodiment of my desire. You have me stimulated, you’ve made me, created this story of passion. Now you give to me what only you can, and made me dream, then touched me until I knew your name.

Captivation. Now I see only you, and live with a heart that has your brand. What is now open has been accepted, and replenished with your love. Give life with a whisper, let it speak , and now it’s yours.

You have captivated everything that even before had no name, no place, no magical dreams instore. And now the kiss is anticipated, believed to be but a promise of another. Don’t hold back, make me yours, take what is offered and plunder, please…explore.

Captivate my cries within the same breath, and when I rise, meet me there, don’t stop, fill me as if we were near death.

Let my touch be like the fire in your veins, a burning that will never cease, can never be quenched or tamed.

Entice me, take me, devour every inch of the places you have left uncharted. Your name will be a siren to an emptiness, echoing within every corner, please finish what you started.

You created this work of art, stimulated the colors into a masterpiece with the brush of your fingers. Outlining every curve, roundness and mountain peaks. Your careful construction of illustration became the painting that remembers, and only to you will it live, love and hope to endeavor.

Your stimulation has awakened something within me, the tapestry you made has redefined me. And now I am captivated by your everything. Please… I implore you to show me.

Captivation. A tapestry of love. (Part 2 of: The Love Chronicles)


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