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When a woman loves a man

When a woman loves a man, she would give him her world. Let him into her deepest desires, and allow him to see her scars. She will not be afraid to show her true self, because she is secure in the knowledge that she is loved.

She will not hesitate when he calls her name, because his voice is like a beacon for her heart. She will do everything to make him feel like a king, even when he cannot see himself as such. And when he shuns her unknowingly, she will still love him.

She will hide her pain behind a pillar of strength, and she will hold her head high, even when her heart breaks for this man. And even when he chooses another, still she will love him. When he places something else before her, she will love him.

And when he decides to remember her presence, she is still there, waiting for a glimmer or a spark of love that will shine upon her lonely heart. Until the day the sun no longer rises. Her heart no longer beats it’s rhythm of welcome for him, and the glimmer no longer holds her gaze.

When a woman loves a man, he should cherish that love, as if the stars had fallen from the sky into his hands. Because a heart filled with love is guarded and true. But an empty one is as barren as a desert, waiting for someone to fill the land with healing waters.

(From the love chronicles- A tapestry of love)


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