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Stimulate me. Allow my mind to take flight. My body is an aspect of ascension that needs to feel on another level. I implore you, I intrigue you, to never underestimate the seduction of pure words. Absolute embodiment of perfection and beauty, a complete tapestry of love. Stimulate my mind, and my body will know a rapture that can only begin and end with your touch.

If you ask me, I will do it, if you kiss me I will open. There is so much more than pure desire that can be imagined within my depths. You can never give too much, but there is always too little. Creation of the thought makes the stars appear dim, for there is nothing that can compare to the illustration within.

Make me see that the ground is but a platform, a way to dance, and love, and feel that you are everywhere. Use my skin as if it were pure cream, and lavish me onto your body. Take me to a place I’ve never been before, and then take me there again. Condition my soul so that it recognizes the one who has formed my sculpture.

Shape me, mold me, make me into your masterpiece. Like a work of art that you are continuously perfecting. I don’t want you to stop, don’t ever finish this painting. This work that you will create, and adore, and worship.

Stimulate this piece of art, let me unfold my beautiful image before your eyes. I will open up, if you ask me. I will be your masterpiece, if you stimulate me.

Stimulation: A tapestry of love. (Part I of: The Love Chronicles)


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