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If you could talk to a favorite character in a book, what would you say? Just my imagination is a weekly blog that gives small glimpses into the world of Andrea Johnson’s books, and the characters that make her words come to life. Just my imagination posts can be seen every Friday, showcasing new characters and their turbulent thoughts, from questions posed by the author.

Character: Chava. Book: Remember The Promise (The Sinful Fairytale Book#1)

Character role: An angel of blessings & joy, punished for misconduct and willful disobedience.

Question from the author: What will you do if your plan fails?

Chava: It will not fail. I may have made mistakes before, but I cannot stop now. It is all my fault.

Everything that has happened. I let them do this to me. And because of it, the ones I love have suffered.

But no longer. I will make certain that every wrong has been righted. And that my blood will be the weapon that can be wielded into victory.

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