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If you could talk to a favorite character in a book, what would you say? Just my imagination is a weekly blog that gives small glimpses into the world of Andrea Johnson’s books, and the characters that make her words come to life. Just my imagination posts can be seen every Friday, showcasing new characters and their turbulent thoughts, from questions posed by the author.

Character: Nahel. Book: Remember The Promise (The Sinful Fairytale Book#1)

Character role: Faerie that has committed an unforgivable act between the kingdom of heaven, and the land of the fae.

Question from the author: Why did you do it?

Nahel: I did it because I wanted to. Because it was my choice to make. And if I had that choice presented to me again, I would find a way to repeat the whole process, and damn anyone that stood in my way.

If I have to live each day and see the sun that sets on my land, none of it would make any difference to me, if she is not there to remind me of why I breathe.

That is why I have no regrets. And for those that took her light from me, I will never rest until I find them. Even if I have to bring down all of heaven to do so.

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