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Young Adult Books

Below are books that, I am very proud to say, are authored by my son and daughter. They are new young authors breaking out into the wonderful world of print, like their mommy! They want to encourage other young people to put their talents to work. Please help support them in their future success. Enjoy!


​Michael Carter was born in Manhattan, N.Y. but grew up in Dallas, TX.  He’s currently a freshman in high school and enjoys working on projects, learning about the human body, and he aspires to be a doctor one day and discover new ways to cure diseases. Writing is a hobby he enjoys doing in his spare time, and loves finding creative ways to start new adventures and build exciting tales. Michael lives in Dallas, TX with his family, cat and dog, and is currently working on his next thriller.


​​Talitha Torres was born in Reading P.A. but grew up in Dallas, T.X.  She is currently twelve years old, and has a wide variety of talents. She aspires to be a singer one day, and enjoys proving with her amazing abilities in the world of video gaming, that girls are just as creative as boys.  She enjoys running, hanging out with friends, action thrillers with a twisted plot, and creating stories that stretch the imagination. Talitha currently lives in Dallas, T.X, with her family, cat and dog.

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