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Fatal Distractions
The revamped and chilling stories from the critically acclaimed mini-series: Bedtime Mysteries

Hot New Halloween Release!

Fatal Distractions.jpg
All three spine chilling stories in one fully remastered E-book!

For the first time, all three chilling stories from the critically acclaimed mini-series: Bedtime Mysteries, by Andrea Johnson, are brought together in one creatively mastered e-book. Experience each dark tale, and the psychological terror that unfolds, within the mystery of the unforgettable series….


The Malignia…Parallel Reflections…Instinctive Manipulations…within each mysterious tale is a darkness that must be uncovered. What may appear to be one way, may very well be an illusion. There are pieces to the puzzle that must be placed. But not every key will ultimately unlock the door. Get ready for psychological terror. But beware the choices you make. There are many…fatal distractions.

Experience the darkest journey, within the stories of Bedtime Mysteries.


 Andrea Johnson's stories are thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.


Paranormal and horror in the extreme, her books are a definite page-flipper.

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